My Relationship with the Prophet

May 4, 2017 by Dr. Mohamed Moussa


My relationship with the Prophet, Allah’s Peace and Prayers be upon Him, is not just a relationship of a Muslim with the Prophet who brought him out of darkness into light and guided him to the right path. It is rather a relationship of a lover with his lover who is never far away from him in his wakefulness and sleep, and accompanies him in all his actions.

His love is in my blood, it is the air I breathe. When I reflect on His perfect manners and traits, in their finest shapes, not only do I admire Him, but I feel astonished. I wonder how the Prophet, Allah’s Peace and Prayers be upon Him, brought His genuine and one-of-a-kind modesty and His tremendous honor altogether, how He had mercy on the weak to the point of bursting into tears, and how intense He was in matters of justice, to the point of rigidity. He forgives, pardons, and is never bitten from the same hole twice. Disregard and vigilance, flexibility and severity, patience and instant courage, pleasantry and seriousness, etc... are among His eminent manners.

All in all, Allah gave the Prophet what He distributed among His chosen creations (which cannot be put into words). My followership for the Prophet, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon Him, is a crown on my head. If I had reached the soil on which He walked, I would have proudly carried it on my head, and If I had been with Him, I would have kissed Him from head to toe. Oh Allah, do not set Your Prophet and me apart on the Day of Judgement until You cause me to enter through His entrance.