The Daughter and the Old Mother

Mar 30, 2017 by Sheikh Mohammad Alhayek


Theresa is an American sister of Italian origins. She converted to Islam a few years ago, and she has an aged mother who suffers from a serious illness. What irked the rightly guided daughter was that her mother would die while still not Muslim. I was told that she asked the imam of a mosque, whom she knows, to visit her mother at the hospital and make supplications for her, but he replied that he could not do it since her mother is not a Muslim.

Accompanied by a virtuous brother (may Allah bless him) who informed me about the case, I went to visit her mother yesterday. We all sat around her, and as soon as I greeted her and checked on her, Allah eased my mission, and I started reading Hadith, Quran, and supplications with wisdom and good instruction, as our Lord taught us. This reassured her and had her tongue pronounce the Muslim declaration of faith (Shahada). To Allah is the Praise and from Him is the Generosity.

I said goodbye to her while her face was extremely filled with joy. As far as her daughter is concerned, no one except Allah knows how very delighted and pleased she was.

I kindly request you my beloved dear readers to make supplications for her and her daughter as well.


25 Jun at 10.06am by Sheikh Mohammad Alhayek