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Dr. Farghal Ali Islamic Center of Jersey City

Dec 30, 2017   Jersey City, NJ


Allah says:

“And it is not for any human being that Allah should speak to him except by revelation or from behind a partition or that He sends a messenger to reveal, by His permission, what He wills. Indeed, He is Most High and Wise.”

(SurahAsh-Shuraa: 51).

Indeed, Allah sent down Jibreel (Gabriel) as a messenger from Allah to the Prophets and Messengers: “And Allah spoke to Moses with [direct] speech” (Surah An-Nisa: 164).

Nevertheless, not all what was revealed to Moses, Prayers and Peace be upon Him, was a direct speech. Revelation is either done through Jibreel, inspiration, or in a dream. And Allah knows best.
Allah's Prayers and Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, His family, and companions

قال تعالى ( وما كان لبشر ان يكلمه الله الا وحيا أو من وراء حجاب أو يرسل رسولا فيوحي باذنه ما يشاء إنه علي حكيم) الشورى نعم انزل الله تعالى جِبْرِيل رسولا منه سبحانه الى الأنبياء والمرسلين ( وكلم الله موسى تكليما ) لكن ليس كل ما اوحى الى موسى عليه الصلاة والسلام كان تكليما فلا مانع من نزول جِبْرِيل عليه ملتقى الأنبياء فالوحى اما بواسطة جِبْرِيل عليه السلام واما بالإلهام أو فى المنام والله
.تعالى اعلى واعلم وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه وسلم